the hotel

Set against the mountainside, Filario cuts a fit modern figure next to Lake Como, albeit one that blends seamlessly with its historical surroundings.
The building, once the site of a small wire factory, is tiled with local stones, typical of the Lombardy region, ensuring that the façade integrates nicely into the mountainside.
Italian heritage and artisanship are a focal point at the hotel: Italian designer Alessandro Agrati has lent his magic to Filario’s décor, implementing his signature style of “dressing” interiors.

the restaurant

il Filo

Dining at Filo is at once a culinary voyage and a coming home.
The carefully chosen ingredients represent the richness of Italian culianary history and often suprise with daring pairings.
Dishes are simple yet sophisticated, drawing as much from the pre-Alpine setting as from the native land of our Chef, Naples.
Have a seat on our lake-side terrace and initiate your culinaruy journey.



Every day at Filo we adjust to time and weather, do not expect the same at all times. The quality of our offerings is the same, and yet style follows the mood.
Our location and setting call for a lunch menu that is as unfussy as it is tasty, with a more familiar and easy going service under the sun.

Start dinner with cocktails that tell stories, soak in the exclusive ambiance and indulge in beautiful culinary creations exemplifying the uniqueness of fragrant Italian cuisine.